Can be used with Lincoln's LF-72 & LF-74 Feeders along with all the 10 Series units including the new Power Feed 84

‚ÄčL97 Series Balanced Boom

Zipline balanced booms have proven their reliability and effectiveness to enhance welding productivity and safety. Zipline now offers even greater convenience with the new L97 series:

  • Unique utilities allow easy access to all supply lines - no "fishing lines."
  • Easily accomodates the use of spools, coils, or bulk wire dispensing systems.
  • Converts from single feeder to dual feeder setups simply.
  • Balances without creep at all positions (-10 degrees to +60 degrees)
  • Control box can be right, left or center mounted relative to the column. This may easily be changed should the need arise.
  • Unique spring housing allows for tension changes without boom disassembly.
  • Protective cage reduces feeder downtime.