Feeder Support (used with all systems):

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Jib: ( LJ01 Series Boom System)

  • This is the standard system for installations where floor space isn't available. This system is for mounting on columns by using an 8x14" base plate. Like the hydraulic system, the jib can be customized in length. However, the jib boom can only move side to side.

Hydraulic: ( L93 Series Boom System)

  • The hydraulic boom is a less expensive system, ideal for users needing more side to side motion and less up/down positioning. This system is perfect for use over a welding table or platform. Custom lengths can be made to meet most dimensional requirements for this unit.

Balance: ( L97 Series Boom Systems)

  • The balance booms are a customer favorite. By using a spring set, the welding feeder is balanced by adjustable spring pressure. There are no motors, pumps, cables or electric devices to fail. Therefore, this system offers years of service with minimal maintenance. You can easily move the balanced boom by hand with just moving it up/down and side to side.

We offer three basic styles of welding booms:

  • Balance
  • Hydraulic
  • Jib

Standard lengths are 8', 10', 12', 16'

  • Hydraulic can be made in 6'



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​Jib Boom